Monday, November 17, 2008

Banned Books

I have been to the public library looking for several books listed as 'banned' on the ALA website. The books were listed as 'LOST.' I have a feeling these books were not returned on purpose.
What were the books and did I finally get access to them?

Annie On My Mind by Nancy Greene I purchased this book and it was wonderful!
Chocolate War by Cormier A request was placed to get a copy from another branch.

Have you tried to check out a controversial book only to find it was 'LOST'


Anonymous said...

I got my copy of Chocoate War... yes it has some typical adolescent boy behavior. Only on Chap 1

Anonymous said...

One of our parents has challenged a book in our middle school. When the parent was given the form to fill out and told the book would stay on the shelf, he decided it was too much hassle and just told his child not to check it out.